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›› Cargo Tracking und Tracing System
Welcome to the Cargo Tracking and Tracing System from Dachser Internet Services.
›› Professional Tracking
Click on the icon labeled Professional Tracking to test the tracking + tracing system. When you are prompted to keyin username and password please use 'customer' as user and password 'demo'.
›› Standard Tracking
You can use Standard Tracking by simply entering a AWB or BL number to have access to the tracking data of a shipment. Of course, without access to sensitive data like addresses.
›› Costs
Let's talk about the costs. Once registered, we charge you nothing and we don't care, how many requests you start.
›› Feedback
We want to give you the best service we can. So if you have any wishes, ideas or anything else, please send us an Email and we will do our best.

Thank you very much.
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